Audit Preparation

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Audit Preparation

As part of our Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) inspections, Pet Blood Bank want to make sure that our team know what to expect during an audit and also give some helpful advice on how to deal with the audit/auditors when they are with us.

The VMD usually inspect PBB every 33 months, however this is risk based so if they are concerned with anything in the inspection they may come sooner.

The following presentation has been written and is presented by Gordon Nicholson who has a wealth of knowledge in not only the blood transfusion industry but also years of experience dealing with Auditors.  The old adage ‘been there, done that’ really applies to Gordon and his audit history!

Meet Gordon

Gordon worked for 40 years for the Blood Transfusion Service, both in Scientific and technical roles and latterly in management. Following retirement in 2013 I set up a consultancy for Medical Devices and spent 3 years in France as the Research & Development Director for Macopharma, the company who currently supply 100% of the blood collection packs used by the Blood Service in England. On returning to the UK last year I am now in the process of setting up an Research & Development laboratory in the UK for Macopharma and one of our tasks is to assist in the production of blood collection packs for cats.





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