Controlled Document Training for Line Managers

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Your role as a Line Manager means you are involved in the production of our controlled documents. Controlled document production must follow a specific process and they must be produced in the appropriate format with the correct content.

These training courses will explain the process for document authorship from beginning to end.

The following courses will cover Management Process Description (MPD) MPD.QUA.01 & the Controlled Document Procedure SOP.QUA.07  for Heads of Department.

The purpose of this training is to explain:

  • How our documents are identified and managed
  • The process for production of a Controlled Document
  • How to validate a Controlled Document

Please note that the author training must be undertaken by any of your team that you ask to produce a controlled document on your behalf. Please notify the Training Department when you wish this training to be allocated to a staff member allowing them time to complete it beforehand.

As you are also likely to validate documents please also watch the validator training. This presentation will be provided to all permanent staff that may be involved in controlled document production or review.