Donor Assistant (Permanent) ATR 2021

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Welcome to your 2021 ATR

The ATR is conducted to ensure all staff review their working practices at least once each year. Not only is this a requirement to maintain our Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD) issued blood banking license, but it also ensures you maintain your knowledge and understanding of our current processes and provides an opportunity for you to identify areas you may need additional training in.

The following course covers all the SOPs that form the annual review for your role as a donor assistant. It is separated into sections based on the policy review documents the questions relate to. It is probably best to work through the lessons in bite-size sessions as the course will record your progress and allow you to log in and out.

Any questions/tasks need to be passed in order to move on to the next. All the SOPs are available on NEXUS for you to consult.

Please ensure that you are referring to the SOPs regularly to ensure you are not deviating from protocol and also to be guided to the correct associated documents and forms to perform a task. Ensure you are using the most current versions of all documentation by always going direct to Nexus and not printing any hard copies for personal use.

The period for you to complete your ATR closes Sunday 12th December at midnight, after which the Training Department will print and store your certificate.

The course needs to be completed on a PC or laptop and the screen size may need adjusting for the drag and drop exercises to ensure all words and spaces are visible so they can be completed.

Once you have completed your ATR, if you would like further training in any area please contact the Training Department ?

Best wishes!

Helen & Jo