General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Line Managers

  • The purpose of the new General Data Protection Regulation is to standardise data protection laws across EU member states
  • The goal of GDPR is to ensure Pet Blood Bank protects individuals against possible misuse of information about them held by other. It is the policy of Pet Blood Bank to ensure that all staff are aware of the importance of data protection in relation to their individual roles and responsibilities
  • The Data Protection Act 1998 covers the use by companies of the sensitive and personal data of their customers, clients and employees, whether held on computer or in certain manual files
  • From 25th of May 2018, Pet Blood Bank is legally required to abide by the data protection principles which will be embodied in the new Data Protection Act and as such is liable to significant fines for any loss or misuse of sensitive or personal data

It is a requirement of Pet Blood Bank that all team members complete the following course and read the associated documents pertaining to GDPR (listed below) which can be found on BreatheHR:

  • PBB Email Guidelines
  • PBB Data Retention Policy and Retention Schedule – please date and sign page 2 and return to
  • PBB Employee Privacy Policy
  • PBB Security Policy
  • PBB IT Guidelines and Policy
  • PBB Data Protection Policy – please date and sign page 10 and return to your line manager

Once you have read the following presentation please remember to mark as complete and you will be issued with a certificate to indicate completion.

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