Induction Part 1

Welcome to the first part of your Induction to Pet Blood Bank

The induction courses are designed for all team members and are the important details that all members of staff regardless of their department need to know about working at Pet Blood Bank.

You will also have a one to one Induction and practical training on session dependent on your role.  This will cover areas where practical experience is needed or receiving personal information for you that will not be placed on LearnDash.

This course will cover the following lessons:

  • Governing Bodies
  • Representing the charity and the media
  • Marketing and branding
  • Team Handbook
  • Attendance

After completing Induction Part 1 you will progress to Induction Part 2.

Completion of this course and successful completion of the quizzes will act as your electronic signature and is used as evidence that you have understood Induction part 1.