MPD.QUA.06.01 Pet Blood Bank Cleaning and Hygiene Process

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The following course will cover Management Process Description (MPD) MPD.QUA.06.01

The purpose of MPD.QUA.06.01 is to provide you with training on how PBB:

  • ensures that all Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) areas used by the organisation are kept clean and records completed

If you are reading this as a document update, any changes that have been made to the document since the previous version will be highlighted in grey so pay careful attention to these.

Restrictions for this MPD:

  • Applies to all donation venues, vehicles transporting blood and blood products and processing, storage and issue operations
  • Requirements of COSHH data sheets for each species and product must be complied with
  • May only be carried out by a trained member of staff or volunteer under supervision or by an external supplier who has been indicted by the Distribution Manager

Please Note: Any associated documents or forms referred to in this course will be available via our secure document site Nexus or on request from the Training Department.