On Session Communication (Clinical Team)

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On Session Communication

This course has been put together to provide guidance on how to manage some potentially difficult situations that are often encountered whilst out on a collection session.

The vast majority of the time communication between us and donor owners is excellent, but some owners have a tendency to focus on a very brief interaction, making it even more important that we consider everything that we say and how even something we consider to be innocuous may be perceived by the owner. This is so much more  important for us at Pet Blood Bank as a charity with welfare and caring at it’s heart than in most other businesses, as we could not operate without the support of the general public and a careless word could result in a significant amount of damage to our image.

In addition, we could not operate without our host venues and volunteers so acknowledging their value and making them feel included is important.

For most of the following scenarios we have provided two short video clips. Example 1 shows a response that is not ideal, and Example 2 shows a good response.

All the scenarios covered, have been based on feedback from the people we come into contact with on session, although in creating the ‘not ideal’ responses we have taken some artistic license and made these a little extreme so we can make a point.