Phlebotomy Training Week 1

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Congratulations on completing your first phlebotomy shift.


You should have completed the following training at this session:

Host venue relationships and communication

Setting up the room: temperature, equipment, layout

Calibrating the blood scales

Preparing the blood collection kit

Roles of the DAs at caudal and cranial end

Preparing the collection site

Phlebotomy technique – anatomical landmarks, needle placement, technique for holding line, troubleshooting issues with blood flow, mixing blood and anticoagulant, minimising blood clots

Collection weights: underdraw, ideal weight range, overdraw

Stripping and sealing the unit

Correct labelling of blood units

Quarantining of blood units: when and why

Packing and storage of blood units and temperature tracking

Please complete the quick quiz to recap what you have learnt. A score of 100% is required to generate the certificate.


If there is content that has not been covered this week please ensure that you inform the Training Department so this can be covered in your next training session.