Positive Donor Owner Communications Project 2019-20 Staff Presentation

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Background on the ‘Positive Comms’ Project

Pet Blood Bank UK are currently implementing the Positive Donor Owner Communications Project. There has been a change in the way we manage our donor appointments with a more tangible and visible emphasis being placed on managing our blood stock levels instead of automatically rebooking all donors on one session on to the next session.

Despite 70% of our donors being DEA 1 positive blood type, the demand for DEA 1 negative blood is very high and to ensure we can meet this demand negative donors will likely be asked to donate more frequently throughout the year than positive donors.

We appreciate and value all our donors equally so we wanted to ensure that positive downer owners still felt valued and their dog’s contribution worthwhile so this project was initiated to ensure that the messages we send to our owners in all our communications is consistent and positive and explains clearly how their dog’s appointments will be managed.

The following is a presentation delivered at a team meeting outlining this project prior to its live date. The project will extend well into 2020 and affects all team members regardless of role and is a key project for us so we wanted to make sure that all team members had the opportunity to watch this presentation.