SOP.COL.01.08 Pre Donation Screening and Registration – Canine (VS and VN)

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The following course will cover Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) SOP.COL.01.08

The purpose of SOP.COL.01.08 is to train you with regards to how PBB:

  • Ensure that only dogs meeting the criteria for donation are accepted by donors
  • Ensure that the donor dog will not be harmed by the process
  • Ensure that blood collected is safe for recipients

Restrictions for this SOP are:

  • Approval of dogs to donate must always be carried out by a veterinary surgeon
  • May only be carried out unsupervised by PBBUK staff who have been trained in this procedure
  • Clean PBB uniform should always be worn

Please Note: Any associated documents or forms will be touched upon in this course, however these will also be available in more detail as stand alone courses.