SOP.PRO.02.11 Separation of Canine Whole Blood into Packed Red Blood Cells and Fresh Frozen Plasma

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The following course will cover Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) SOP.PRO.02.11

The purpose of SOP.PRO.02.11 is to explain the process for processing whole blood donations into multiple products.

Restrictions for this SOP:

  • May only be carried out unsupervised by PBB staff who have been trained in this procedure
  • All processing of donations must be carried out in the designated clean area
  • Personal protective equipment must be worn when processing donations
  • No food or drink may be stored or consumed within the designated clean area

Please Note: Some associated documents may be included in this course, but it is expected that you independently reference any that are not, but are relevant to your role as part of this training.