SOP.QUA.04.08 Non Conformance Procedure- (QA and Line Manager)

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The following course will cover Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) SOP.QUA.04.08

The purpose of SOP.QUA.04.08 is to train you with regards to:

  • Identify non-conformances that occur within PBB and take the required action to eliminate or minimise risk, reduce the recurrence and make any necessary changes to improve the systems, processes or procedures.

Restrictions for this SOP:

  • This process covers internal and external non-conformances including those that have occurred by a third party or supplier.
  • PBB will work with the supplier to improve the service, however any changes to the supplier’s services or procedures are out with PBB control.

Please Note: Some of the associated documents listed in the SOP are not included in the following training course.  It is expected that you will access the Forms and Information documents that relate to this SOP and your role independently as part of this training.