SOP.SIS.01.11 Issue of Canine and New World Camelid Frozen Plasma Products

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The following course will cover Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) SOP.SIS.01.11

The purpose of SOP.SIS.01.11 is to train you with regards to:

  • Selecting, packing and issuing canine and new world camelid Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP), Frozen Plasma (FP), Cryoprecipitate (Cryo-P) and Cryo-Supernatant (Cryo-S)

Restrictions for this SOP:

  • This SOP may only be carried out unsupervised by PBB staff who have been trained in this procedure
  • All issuing of plasma products must be carried out in the designated issue area
  • Appropriate protective clothing must be worn when issuing plasma products – Gloves must be worn for handling product or hands must be washed and alcohol gel applied
  • Coolant used for packing of plasma must be between minus 75-85 degrees C
  • NO FOOD or DRINK may be stored or consumed within the designated issue areas


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