Webinar: Pre-Transfusion Recipient Screening

Transfusion Medicine CPD.

We are very fortunate to be supported by some amazing veterinary specialists and veterinary nurses that give willingly their time, knowledge and experience so that we can continue to support you, whilst you treat and nurse the nation’s pets.

Thank you Ludivine Boiron for this relevant and comprehensive update on canine and feline blood types and evidence on current recipient compatibility screening.

The use of blood transfusions in veterinary practice has increased dramatically in recent years. Providing safe and effective transfusion therapy is essential.
Acute haemolytic transfusion reactions due to blood group incompatibilities between recipient and donor are serious complications, but are mostly avoidable when transfusing dog and cat blood typed and cross matched blood.
During this webinar, Ludivine will review the different blood types of these two species, the ones we all know but also those which were discovered recently and will describe the utility and application of different techniques of blood typing and cross matching.

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