Values Based Recruitment – Manager Guidelines

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Why do we use a Values-Based Approach?

A values-based approach to recruitment helps us attract and select employees whose personal values and behaviours align with the values of Pet Blood Bank.

Evidence suggests that values-based recruitment is a good recruitment practice and benefits both the individual and the organisation.  Staff whose values align with that of their employer report greater workplace satisfaction and motivation; employees are less likely to leave an organisation with whom they share values and likely to work more effectively in teams to deliver excellent service.


What are Values?

Values are a set of beliefs that people hold about what is right or wrong. They influence what we do and who we are, what we believe is important, the way we live and how we treat others.

Values can be described as evaluative.  They guide individuals’ judgements about appropriate behaviour both for themselves and for others. Values also influence behaviour, although this relationship is complex and there are other influential factors including knowledge, skills, experience, personality and motivation.

Organisational values describe the culture or ‘the way things are done around here’.  These values are often linked to an organisation’s vision, goals and strategy.

Pet Blood Bank is built on strong values, they are the threads that bind us as a charity. We are caring and have welfare at our core, but we are also pioneering and will push to the next level while staying grounded and real, knowing what is possible. Most importantly, consistency is key, which is why every team member must know, understand and embody our values. They must be applied to everything we do.

‘Recruit for values, train for skills.’


This training course explains how our values are embedded and applied in our recruitment process as well as discussing how to plan and conduct an interview along with some useful questioning techniques.

Once completed, you can reference this course whenever you are going to conduct an interview to refresh yourself on the guidance so the interview can be carried out effectively and we can recruit the right  individuals into our organisation.